High-Value Communication Tactics You Can Use At Work Today

Nearly a third of our time at work is spent communicating.  The Washington Post reports that we spend up to 28% of the work week on email communication alone.  When you consider the additional load of meetings, there is a constant stream of information flowing our way—all competing for our attention. 

So when you have something new, big, and exciting to roll out to your workplace—a new process, a new tool, a brand refresh to name a few—how do you make sure your message stands out amidst the noise?  Are emails and meetings truly our best communication tools, or simply the default? 

Let’s talk alternatives that are memorable and
engaging to your audience.

We’ve tried and tested each one of them for you on various change management efforts throughout the years. We can assure you that their benefits are two-fold—the tactics that follow are fun to implement AND receive, making your job as the communicator easier and more effective.  Bonus: all of these tactics can be pulled off within a day or two, from concept to completion.

Some guidelines to keep in mind:

  1. Repetition is your friend.  Consider using 2-5 of these tactics as a bold, broad-reaching communication plan that will really get your point across.

  2. We all receive information differently.  Some folks just want to be shown; others need to ask questions.  Some folks need numbers, others respond to emotion.  When selecting your tactics, try to use a diverse combination that will appeal to a variety of people, introverts and extroverts alike.


For the complete set of 30 tactics, check out the handout below. We hope it brightens up your next planning meeting.  If you use any, we’d love to hear about itshare your experience with us @lensstrategy on twitter.


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