Millennials & Childbirth


Millennials are known for doing things a little differently, making their mark on even seemingly timeless experiences.  Here’s a snapshot of our latest customer research, exploring why the Millennial childbirth experience is no exception!  We learned how technology and unprecedented access to resources have empowered Millennial women to take control of their birth plan, from who will be in the room to where they would like to deliver.  More on that coming soon. 

 For now, the biggest takeaway for healthcare providers in this graphic is the sheer volume of Millennial women who are giving birth—81% of the total births in Massachusetts, alone.  As Gen Xers wind down their family planning and Gen Zers begin, shifting gears to address the needs of Millennials with an eye towards the emerging expectations of Gen Z will be critically important in the creation of competitive patient (and brand!) experiences in an extremely choice-driven service line like obstetrics.