Next Generation


Amanda Levesque
Strategist, LENS Strategy

Consumer-Based Insights for Women’s Health

How are the norms around women’s health changing as a new generation of women enter their prime childbearing years?  As we’ve discussed previously on our blog, unprecedented access to resources and technology have fundamentally reshaped what Millennials and Gen Z-ers expect from their women’s health and maternal health experiences.  But what do these changes mean from a provider standpoint? 

 When resources are already stretched thin, providers are rightfully concerned about overpromising and under-delivering when it comes to meeting or exceeding patients’ growing list of needs.  But instead of the obligation to offer more service, how can providers think about offering the right service, letting go of traditional patient experience elements that no longer add value in order to make room for what matters most to women now? 

 The data at the root of this question is best sourced from patients themselves.  At LENS, we are firm believers in using customer insights to inform decision making as a means to create integrated, customer-centered business strategies—and women’s health is no exception.  Take a look at the highlights from our latest qualitative research study, where we asked hundreds of women across the country to tell us about their women’s health experience.  The insights we’ve curated point to some preliminary strategies for differentiating your services from the pack by responding meaningfully to emerging needs and building empathy-fueled experiences that truly understand the mindset of your customer.



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