Case Study: Reimagining Radiology

LENS worked with the Shepley Bulfinch design team and the radiology department to develop an innovative clinical model as a basis of design for the clinic renovation.

At project kick-off, LENS facilitated Visioning Sessions where a gap analysis uncovered the opportunity to create a private and dignified patient experience. By the second Visioning Session, the owner’s team had committed to prioritizing patient privacy in effort to advance the organization’s commitment to excellence. During the programming phase, the LENS team proposed a strategy of using patient rooms for changing, prep and contrast along with centralized nursing so patients are never in a public location while gowned and all services are brought to the patient.


LENS simulated a series of new workflows to evaluate the physical and staff resources required to create and to achieve a private and dignified patient experience

Computer simulation models uncovered the need for 10 private patient rooms while live Lego simulations with the staff exposed the care team to their future workflow, and drove buy-in regarding the feasibility of this strategy. To ensure a smooth transition into the new space, LENS provided a phased implementation plan, documented in an Owner’s Manual, with graduating levels of process improvement to ease staff into new ways of working.